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Frequently Asked Questions
Doing Our Part Time Frame
Why Timber Frame? The Raising
The Technical Stuff Enclosing the Timber Frame
We Know What We Are Doing

For almost 26 years now, we have been creating beautiful and unique
timber frames. Our past projects have included private residences,
commercial buildings, Polo Stables, a Church and even a Best Western Hotel.

We have a lot of fun doing what we do. If you do happen to see the 'Crazy
Creek' - let us know.

Crazy Creek Timber Frames Ltd. is located just outside of charming
Okotoks, Alberta.  Our view of the Rocky Mountain panorama from our shop
is awesome. Okotoks is just 15 minutes south of Calgary.

Our timber frames have been shipped throughout Canada, the US Pacific
Northwest, Montana, and even Japan. Shipping is easy, most of our frames
fit on a conventional semi tractor trailer deck. Frames shipped to the U.S.
are duty free under the NAFTA trade agreement.

Our Highly Experienced Framers Finish the Job
Doing Our Part

We typically use Reclaimed (timbers cut from standing dead logs) Native
Canadian Douglas Fir for our timber frames. These timbers are dry and
stable with tight old growth ring structure. We think it is important that no
live trees are cut to obtain these timbers.

Inside the Showhome


Why a Timber Frame?

Timber frame floor plans are amazingly flexible. The timber frame itself
supports the entire home. If you have a one-of-a-kind view, you can make an
entire wall open with windows from floor to ceiling.  As the needs of your
family change, the interior walls defining your living spaces can be moved or
eliminated altogether.

The typical 3 bedroom floor plan of your home can easily evolve into the
newest trend of an open, multi-use 'loft style' living space with soaring
vaulted ceilings.

Still Standing?

The oldest home in North America (built in the 17th Century) is timber frame.
There are thousands of Timber Frame structures in Europe that are still in
use after 500 years.

Your timber frame home will be an heirloom. Timber frame homes have the
strength to better withstand the extremes of nature such as earthquakes or

The Technical Stuff

Our joinery is authentic mortise and tenon secured by hickory pegs. Timber
framing uses historical joinery methods and geometry principles originating
in the Middle Ages.

Classical style curved kneebraces are housed for extra strength and connection plates (beams) are embellished with an artistic curved detail that highlights the joinery, both structurally and aesthetically.

The design and engineering of your home is included. We will help you step
by step through the process of designing and building your timber frame.
Leave everything to us.

The Technical Stuff


The Look... Old English or Old West?

Our Antique Brushed finish is our customer's favourite timber look. The result is an 'aged, weathered' patina that is textured to the eye but relatively smooth to the touch. We can also smooth plane and sand the timbers to resemble fine furniture. Another popular look is our Olde World Handhewn finish, which emulates a traditional hand-crafted adze cut finish.

The colour pallet is endless... from "Antique Cream" to "Old Leather" to "Tobacco" to "Espresso". Your timber frame home can be rustic or sophisticated, cozy or grandiose.

A true reflection of the owner's individualism, the feel of a timber frame room is limted only by the imagination.

The Interior Look


Time Frame?

The design process and engineering process of your timber frame will
usually take from 1 to 4 weeks (depending on the complexity of the frame).
After you have decided on your frame design, the next step will be for us to
order your timber. This process will take about 6 weeks.

We begin fabricating and test-fitting your frame immediately which will
coincide with the ground and foundation placement on your site.

Usually when the foundation is complete the frame is ready to be raised.

Completed Frame


The Raising. All Together Now.

We love this part (and so will you). We can install your timber frame or you
can do it yourself. Each frame is fully test-assembled and reference marked
for ease of placement.

It goes together like a puzzle. The raising of the frame is a traditional, time
honored event. The whole family can take part in actually raising the family
home.  In our modern world, such 'hands-on' opportunities are lost to the
archives of Canadian history.

Either way, the experience of building and raising your own timber frame
home will end up being one of your great family memories.

And It's Up


Enclosing the Timber Frame.

Simple. We have developed our own "TimberWall" Enclosure System.

Our system is unique in that it is a cross between stress skin panels and
typical stud framed construction. We have developed this system
specifically for our timber frames.

Our TimberWall panels incorporate a EPS foam core inlaid with conventional
dimensional lumber. A cavity in the walls allows for wiring to be done in
normal fashion. Our CADD timber frame data is superimposed to the panel
manufacturing process.

Potential for error is eliminated. Our panels fit our timber frames perfectly. Period.

Panel style enclosure systems are a good idea and they're here to stay.
With a panel type enclosure system, the timber frame is enclosed very
quickly, reducing potential weather damage to the timber frame. Studies
have shown that the 'envelope effect' of enclosure panels provides superior
insulating properties to those of typical 'batt' type insulation.

The R-value of our EPS insulation system is R-20 for the walls and the roof
is equivalent to R-40 fiberglass insulation.

Enclosing the Frame 1

Enclosing the Frame 2


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