Raising the Frame

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The Raising

Volunteers gather at Heritage Park in Calgary to take part in the traditional hand raising of the new Atlas Lumber Co. Frame.

Showhome Frame

This is the 'modern-day' raising of our showhome.  A crane lifts bents into place.

In earlier days, when cranes and vehicles did not exist, the
raising of a timber frame barn or home was a huge event.
Whole communities would gather together to help with the
raising and celebrate it. 

If you are not familiar with timber frame construction, this is
how a raising works:

  • The pre-cut timbers are transported from our shop in
    Okotoks to the site.

  • They are assembled on the ground into "Bents". (You
    can see one of these bents in the upper/left picture.)

  • These bents are then raised by the use of a crane and
    connecting plates are secured between them to
    complete the Timber Frame.  Each bent can weigh
    upwards of 2 tonnes!

  • The timber frame is now raised and ready to be

The entire family (and friends!) can come to watch, and even
take part in, the raising of their own home.
For more information on upcoming dates for raisings go to
our News & Events page.


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